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Testo Hain't It Funny

Inserito il 30 Luglio 2012
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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We made love last night

Wasn't good wasn't bad

Itimate strangers made me kinda sad

Now when I woke up this morning

Coffee wasn't on

It slowly dawned on me that my baby is gone

My baby's gone

Guess I shoudln't be so shocked

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised

Guess i sorta noticed the sadness in your eyes

All this time together

And I still feel so alone

Two of us together couldn't make this house a home

My baby's gone

My baby's gone

Oh so long

Umf maybe I'm a little bit relieved

Maybe even a little bit glad

Now that you're gone maybe I won't feel so sad

So I'm packing your things and

Leaving them outside and

Neighbours can talk themselves up into a storm I'll survive

My baby's gone

My baby's gone

Oh ... so long

Did you forget something my love

I see you're back outside

Looking at your suitcases looking oh so surprised

Hain't it funny

One of life's little jokes

Thought you'd gone for good

But you'd only gone ... for smokes

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