Hologram Testo

Testo Hologram

[Verse 1:]
You know you can't hold on to a shadow.
After the suns gone down.
And you can't touch what's invisible.
That's what I am to you now.
So tell me how does it feel.
My love for you wasn't just an illusion.
I wish that you could say the same.
You had me filled with so much confusion.
I was afraid to let us fade.
WiTH YOU, but I'm better on my own.

How do I love what isn't there?
What we had slipped into thin air.
MY EYES wish for you to be standing here.
But God knows it's best you disappear.
I can't help but reaching out my hands.
Reaching out for a hologram.
(I'm already gone, I'm already gone)
You're reaching out for a hologram.
(I'm already gone, I'm already gone)

[Verse 2:]
You couldn't love me in 3 dimensions even if you tried.
You should've paid just a little more attention.
You let our love slip out your sight.
In vision YOU and now it's shatteres.
No more time for walking backwards.
It's time to let it be. I'm gonna keep on moving forward.
I found my way through the maze.
There's someone better out there for me.


Everything looks so much clearer
Once the clouds have gone away
And my loves flowing like a river.
Have they all been washed away?
With you, I was drowning but now I
I can breathe again. again.
To you I'm no longer here.
I'm just a hologram.
You can't touch me.
I'm just a hologram.

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