Every Now And Then Testo

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Testo Every Now And Then

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I’ve seen the world outside
Like wolves at the door
Raging sea rising higher than before
But this stillness I have inside
Is presently mine

Cause every now and then
I feel the way is lifted off of me
And every now and then
It seems that we still can be free

In peace with myself like seldom before
I wont’ feel guilty for not fighting this war

See those people cry, will come our time
Our planet’s engraved, we got so much to learn
There’s more to this scream than meets the eye
And people like you and me are allowed to know why

Cause every now and then
I do get affected by all the things going on
Oh yes I hear that roaring anger
Don’t get me wrong
So every now and then
I need to see that look in my love one’s eyes
Cause every now and then
I wake up but the dream, the dream never dies

Yes I believe that love is a must
Domination is a lack of lust
And how many times do you breathe in deep
And how many smiles do you honestly mean

If silence something deprives you from sleep
Why not count instead of killing those imaginary sheep
I pray for your relief

Cause every now and then
I feel the way is lifted off of me
And every now and then
It feels that we can somehow be free
And every now and then I wanna reach out and take the world in my hands
Cause every now and then believe it or not
I think I understand

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