Prophecy Testo

Testo Prophecy

[Lyrics: Mario Linhares/ Music: Bruno Wambier & Marcelo Barbosa]

Prophecy my fate, into the sea.
If my eyes could ever see,
The light that her soul hides.
Then my spirit, would fly so free,
And all the blindness would fade away.
Unfold my eyes, give them the light,
Ease a heart so desperate.
Release my spirit into a dream,
I'll dive till all hate turns to love
You might say that I'm losing,
All sense and my reason,
Running out of lucidity
You might show me visions,
Keep on preaching illusions,
Making a mess Inside my head.
But all I wanna hear, wanna see her smile again,
To swimm Into the ocean,
Lose any and every notion,
Die and be born again
How can I believe what you're showing?
Right on my face, am I wasting my time?
Listening to lies, inside your cards,
I'll no longer waste my time!
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