Early Thoughts Of Final Days Testo

Testo Early Thoughts Of Final Days

The shortness of time turns life into a race
The young think of winning but the old have set the pace
We live for each moment and we must prepare for our feelings to decieve our thoughts
Tomorrows not worth a care
Humans so susceptible to be addicted to feeling more
Philosophers around the world, down the street and through the door
Listen to the loudest sound
Pick and smell the finest flowers
Come back and say youve seen it all
Tomorrow matters a little more
Welcome all experince and where we'lll find hope
Hope for tomorrow and live for today
If tomorrows worth living for tomorrow will be worth dying for
Like the slaves, we are chained to the day

There will be a revolution
My soul is sick and my hearts polluted
There are demonds that threaten my freedoms
The time to bear arms is now

Well its easy to feel happy when youre high
And its easy to feel free when its the sport of a choice
When fear creeps up on you slowly
When your shoping for a Bentley or a new Rolls Royce
Do you see all this?
Think it'll ease all your pain?
Think that without it youll go insane?
If your young and ambitious get your foot in the door
First find me a rich man who doesnt want more
Its easy to love without giving your love
Its not easy to love when you think your above
Even harder to hope when your hanging from a rope
And whats beneth your feet disapears when you sleep
Sanded outlaws are shifting
And the water in your hands is dripping
And the wind in your hair is moving faster than you
Seeing more, learning more, living only what you could dream to be true

Well life its hard and it leaves so fast
Is that hope when your born and none when you pass
Dont you need to be beautiful to fall in love?
Dont you need to feel thin to think your enough?
If you know someone loves you for the way that you are
If love is inside you their beauty lives too
And thats worth more than looking like Kate Moss
Being in society magazines and driving a Porsche
Then you will not fear how other people see your style
What will happen when you get old and tired
Being out alone in the dark in the world
When you can say im not afraid to die
Your as free as the birds in the sky

There will be a revolution
My soul is sick and my hearts polluted
There are demonds that threaten my freedoms
The time to bear arms is now

The birds in the sky are free to escape the chains of the world
But must come back to sleep
Were in this wolrd as far as we can tell to make new life and avoid the fires of hell
What is hell have you given it a thought?
Is it punishment for allowing you soul to be caught?
Is it being burned alive when you beg for death?
But if your dead already and death time is lonely
And this time cannot save you, your heart will be a levy
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