I Rhyme The World In 80 Days Testo

Testo I Rhyme The World In 80 Days

I'm going on a voyage, to rock the globe
As I rome, I return, after a long journey home
From nation to destination, it ain't a vacation
So let me bust a conversation
Top spinners, I went globe-trotting
So I grab the pen and the rhymes I started jottin'
Tales return of a trip that were made to amaze
I rhymed the world in 80 days

I rhymed the world baby (in 80 days)
I rhymed the world, oh yeah

The first stop is France, the land of romance
The city of lights, ladies and love, with a crazy night life
Bustin' out my voulez-vous and my p's and q's
Sportin' a pair of Air Jordan shoes
Steppin' at eleven o'clock
Ladies, whatever's clever, I'm a jock
I met a young girl named Yvette in a very tight sweater
Wait, it gets better
Small talk, let's take a walk, I gaze, her eye's afire
She told me "you're my one desire"
Let's share champagne and rain showers
Catch the sunrise, over the Eifel Tower
Yvette, don't take it as a dis, but I'm gonna miss you
Please don't cry, here's a tissue
I'll be back, you'll always be in my heart
But you know, I've got to go, 'cause


Off to the Soviet Union, I'm showin' improvin'
Killin' emcees and I just keep on movin'
Rhymes are set razor-sharp
Ready to battle any sucker who starts up
Got on the mic, load it up and test it
Cool, and busted out the bullet-proof vest
Ready to roll and I'm strapped, wait a minute
Double check...forgot the baseball hat
Stickin' to picks, but I was spoted (by who?)
An agent, the KGB, yo, they're on it
He was ready to step but I was settin'
It was my move next and I had one move left
Play it cool and I passed him
Turned around, dropped down, pulled out my mic to match him
He ran down and ally and I lost him
So I ran faster, bionic style like Steve Austin
Turned the corner, hit an ambush
Translation: Russians, waitin' on a bum-rush
There's nowhere to go and they jumped me
Tied me up, and dumped me in the back of a truck
I was taken, they were shaken me up with a joint
With a gun at my head to reinforce the point
And they said "you'd better leave"
And I said "there ain't no way"
I looked at the gun, then I said "Well, ok"
But as I got on the plane to break out of the place
I said "hey, remember the face"
'Cause I'll be back to attack, and this you can know
But I've got to go, 'cause


Last stop, it's the motherland
(yo Kish, you went to Africa?)
Nah, Japan
Return to learn of the roots in a search to prove
When the brain is fed, I'll bust loose
Readin' the race, the lies that are hidin'
And bring new vision forth to the consience
Son of the rising sun land to stand as one
It runs in the family, Shogun
Met the masters of mind who asigned me a task
To kick a rhyme solo, fast or slow
To do it with the knowledge and wisdom
A hundred and eighty degrees of beats give them
Bow to each of the teachers and left for the west
So ends the eighty day quest
Now I'm back, but I'll be leavin' again
Before you know, 'cause I've got to go, 'cause

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