Break U Off Testo

Testo Break U Off

[Kool Keith (Girl)]
Yeah... I saw you (I see you too)
I peeped you out (oh you watchin me?)
I know where you go (no you don't)
I'm watchin you (so you say..)
(but, I'm watching you too..)

[Kool Keith]
I love your sweet eyelashes, your darkskin flavor
Every morning going to school on the elevator
Soft and nicely, the girl entice me
Diamonds on her watch, she rock her ice B
With a North Face coat, apple bottom jeans
The El Dorado is smooth, when the mack leans
The President is there, the stars walkin on the scene
Tastes so good, her body like Krispy Kreme
Frequent a mask, it ain't even Halloween
(It ain't even Halloween)

[Chorus x2: Kool Keith]
Girl take it off, shake shake shake it off
Move your pom poms, bikinis and your panties off
Rub on the lotion, baby oil nice and soft
(Come here baby, I'ma break you off)

[Kool Keith]
Don't get me wrong now, I like 'em blonde with long hair
They call me Sauvere, I like her underwear
She don't mind posin, she don't even care
I like her atmosphere, plus she's out there
The type of girl to break out, yo we outta here
House and closets, model with a lot of gear
She love to clown and pose, spread 'em on the chair
Talk on the rooftop, when she wanna feel some air
I know her secret phone, when she's leavin home
Her Benz is baby blue, convertible, trimmed with chrome


[Kool Keith]
With a see-through nightgown, she got to be Spanish
Brassiere, baby come over here
The mamacita, lick the ice off her back when I freak her
She look Brazilian sometime, her face look unique-a
Shower when she dance in the go-go bar
- by the speaker
I excuse myself and let the man meet her
Family Lacosa, they call me Sosa
I hold the best wine up when I toast her, real extravagant
Better than gin, extreme dime straight from San Juan like a 10
Eight inch heels witcha pink shorts
Hey baby, when we gonna do this again?

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