The Legendary Testo

Testo The Legendary

[Kool Keith]
I know the game bro, I count the same dough
P.I. style, gators with the Kangol
I move on the floor, hit the towel, same flow
60 minutes on stage, spectacular show
Kurt on the turns, edged up with sideburns
We do the thing right, we do the thing tight
The press is there, we get you out the spotlight
You think you hot right, over like Cartwright
You can't even rhyme, I leave you when you start to write
Cash and run, yo cash in son
How you gon' take me, I heard of you vaguely
Strictly the master, you can't game me

[Chorus x2: Kool Keith]
We sport the Kangols with the flyest clothes
"The legendary, the metaphor king with metaphor swing"
Collect our checks and take the girls home
"You know you rappers are lame, full time I'm runnin the game"

[Kool Keith]
Momentum I get 'em I spit 'em with venom
My cadences hit 'em, like his girl babysit him
You know the facts, clone stage put your acts on
Gas up, you pump up, with the Exxon
Girls get wet, spin around, break your neck
Like Crazy Legs, Adidas suits start to break and sweat
Come out retirement, fools come and place your bet
You just a gay non-kitten that I gotta pet (MEOW!)
I'm climbin up, role call, I ain't finished yet
Speed is hype feed, offbeat you regret
Catch the breeze, stop and ease
Stop it please, now you phony kid you tryin to jet


[Kool Keith]
I set up roadblock, rock 'em sock 'em like a robot
Women touch theyself, grab they parts for delf
Man you stay on the shelf, can a man flow?
Can a man go, right at the place
At nighttime, watch me glow, get on the field
Quarterback, watch me throw, watch me flow
Turn around, put up your names up, fire and flames up
Come and you came up, change the game up
Talk and walk, talk and hawk
Jock me now, jock me later, your DJ slide
Kicked his mix down to the fader
Voicemail, hit your man on his pager

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