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Testo Can't Stay

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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My obsessions get the best of me
And lately I've felt incomplete
Whenever I try to pull through
I slip further away from you

I'm sick of all this tension
My sanity can't be found
And I don't wanna go on living like you're not around

It's time
I have to draw the line
It's gone way too far now
I won't wait another day
I need you to fill the empty space
And take me from this place
I can't stay

I'm sorry that I've been so cold
My excuses are pitiful
I've done all I can to gain control
But you are the hand I need to hold

I'm not capable of saving myself
I've finally figured out how to rely on someone else


I can't stay (whispered 4x)

~Chorus~ (2x)

Scarica la suoneria di Can't Stay!
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