Feels So Right Testo

Testo Feels So Right

I think I found the one
New life in my life
I'm guessing this is li-i-fe
Pumpin' through my veins
Killin' all my pain
You're the remedy to my heart-break
Won't have it any other way

Hope this never dies
Nothin' else feels so right

Everytime you look at me I'm on a hi-igh
I need your lovin' 'cause it makes me feel ali-ive
With the music playin' it's so easy to believe it
Nothin' else feels so right

I feel a little strange
It goes straight to my brain
Drivin' me oh so crazy, crazy, c-c-crazy
Between the soundin' lights
You got my hypnotized
And if it ever comes a sunrise
Will that be just fine

This will never die
Nothin' else feels so right


I'm hangin' on every word you said
You're the song stuck in my head
And I lo-o-o-o-ve it
I'm guessing this is, this is life

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