Dad Testo

Testo Dad

I was a kid, you were my dad

I didn't always understand

I wanted freedom, you got mad

You were concerned, I got upset

I didn't recognize you yet

And did you cry, I know I did

When I lied to you

I didn't want to hurt you

I just never knew I did

You never told me that you love me

I know you didn't know how

I guess that shows we're much the same

'caus I love you too and until now

I've never said those words out loud

I hope you're proud

To be my dad

What are your secrets, do you pray

Is there a God that shows your way

I wish I knew...

Do you have crazy fantasies

What happens in your dreams

I want to know...

I guess you'll always be a mystery to me

But you taught me how to value life

and what else do I need

I have a dad who watches over me
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