Tired Testo

Testo Tired

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo

Show me where you found your faith

And does it help you sleep at night?

I am not that complicated,

I just need some time.

Cause it doesn't feel right,

And I'm mostly very tired.

Yeah, yeah?

Life is easy when you fake it

Right until you realize

Your happiness is unrelated

To anything you have inside.

And it doesn?t feel right,

And I'm mostly very tired.

Every chance I get to distract myself,

I won't try to convince myself if there's anything for real,

Or that we're sure of what we feel.

Quiet time is underrated.

I still can't stand to be alone.

It might be why I'm so unstable

Barely able to hold on.

And I just don't feel right,

And I'm mostly very tired?
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