Not The One Testo

Testo Not The One

Kill two birds with one stone
Leave me here all alone
Take everything I had
Storm out and leave mad

When you leave don't come back
Like all those people that
Get what they want
And get what they need
Agree to disagree because you can't have me

Is this what you wanted?
Too bad I ain't got it
Is this what you needed?
When you leave me here bleeding
Is this how you treat me?
Well I'd rather be lonley

Grow up,grow up
I don't need a son
Grow up,grow up
You are not the one
The one for me will come everntually
The one for me you will see
Grow up,grow up
I just need a man
Grow up,grow up
You need a different plan
The one for me will come everntually
The one for me
You're nothing without me

Now that you're all alone
No one to call your own
To get what you want
And what you need
Agree to disgree because you can't have me
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