Second Best Testo

Testo Second Best

She's talking on the telephone
She's on her bed,she's all alone
But does he know she's alive?
He's talking about some other girl
Who means to him the whole damn world
But she'll always be second best

And oh Josie its just too bad
You missed the man you could never have
And oh Josie I wish you could see
Too bad the other girl happens to be me

How does it feel to be second best?
How does it feel to be like all the rest?
To be second best

Her jealousy is killing me
And in this mess I really see
That you're in love with him
Tell him whatever you'd like
But in the end I'll win the fight
You'll always be second best

And I know its not easy to be left behind
And I know its not easy at the end of the line
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