Walk With A Limp Testo

Testo Walk With A Limp

(feat. Big Krizz Kaliko)

[Verse 1:]
I came to, toast to the game, (church), ok, let me properly
Introduce 1st my hav-a-hoe game, I have a hoe in different area codes
Few in the East, couple down south, but mostly lay west of the coast
I wouldn't hav-a-hoe wit flaws in her mix, gotta be down right down
Pretty, blade in tha bra with her tits, and if me wit a bitch meant
The kid didn't git no doe, well then I wouldn't have-a-hoe, (that's it)
2nd and foremost, I walk wit a limp, Bishop Don Magic Juan, Pimpin' Ken,
(Yeah) I talked wit a Pimp, Good Game, White Folks, metallic kanes and
Thangs, U-M-E, Miami, Flo., they chopped game wit strange
Beware cause the Industry go get messy, and I walk wit a limp cause
My dicks, well know, I got a fetish for suaving these Dolly Pardon's
These women, vibe off a nigga, that's real, ask Mr. Marcus
I'm here to put the cuffs on tha game, (And palm yo faces)
Whip ya ass till you holla my name, (like domin-atrix)
Ain't nobody gonna take this crown, (why) Cause we stay on point
Like Stacey Adams

Bitches on my Bows
Everywhere I go
Pimpin holla church
Remy extra po'
Get a lot of love haters
Hit the doe. Get up
Out the whip, Gators
Hit the flo. And we
Bubblin, money be dubblin,
Niggazs ain't struggling.
Hat cocked to the side
And we walk wit up limp
Cause my dick heavy...Hey!!

[Verse 2:]
I'm a barbarian, not a Good Samaritan; I ain't a hoes keeper by far
Leave it to married men, I gotta (stick and move, pick and choose, chick-n-crews
Who like to suck dicks 4 loot
Snatch'em then a hoe gits offered, snake and the bat tatts, (strange)
Flashing threw the sky like gotham, Nick-name sta-flo, cause I'm known
To put a crease, in ya lame day-old, newly grown dubious thesis
A-atrocious behavior, ferocious demeanor, karoded ya name up, you owe
It to Jesus,..to wait in line now, and yearn for the buck flow,...
It don't matter if ya win or lose, learn for the Gusto...
Trust no (B-I-T-C-H), especially when you live in the, (f-I-f-t-y)
(states) uhh huh, KC's, Henry the 8th, with royalty on the plate,
Pop a collar and git yo limp on mate, aaaawwwhhh,...


[Verse 3]

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