Those Days Are Gone Testo

Testo Those Days Are Gone

Meena:turn up the lights lets go
everybody in the house you know
yea it aint complicated

Cory: Everybody in the house let's go!

Meena: I know it's time
it's staring at the back of my mind
think i finaly found the answer

Cory: it's like that in the back of your mind yea

Meena: And now i can remeber
all of the things we used to do...


Meena: Those days are gone
and i know
the world wont stop spinning
'till i take control
and leave it all behind
don't make it all on my own
i'll be what i thought i couldn't find so now
i know...
those days are gone

Cory: yea yea uhuh uhuh cmon everybody let's go

Meena: Those days are gone...

Cory: Sit tight as I break it down for you real simple yea it's time you know

Meena: those days are gone...

Cory: Those days those ways of living life are gone when the life goes up

Meena: Those days are gone...

Cory: The world dont stop spinning for a moment girl you better step it up
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