Nigga Comin' Clean Testo

Testo Nigga Comin' Clean

Niggas comin clean rollin' mean
I gettin' about tired of that shit
That's the, that's the type of shit
that'll make you click and get yo ass in

[Chorus x6]

[Verse One]
Ballin' through my hood, ain't you clean fool?
Sho nuff finna get stuck up
Turn that bitch (??) the car
Make a sound I'm gonna buck
Snatch that boy up out the ride
I ain't gotta mask upon my face
When I pull my gun
I pull the trigger, I can't catch a case
All I see is victims when I see you on them twenty thangs
I'm a hoe that's not impressed,I'm out to get that money mane
I like robbin' niggas, especially niggas think the gonna fuck
Scoop me up, get a room, mane that glock is nicely tucked
I be high off some that weed, cause be thinking about that cheese
I'm a bitch that's down to make a stang to satisfy my needs
Make a stop off at the liquor store to get some alaze'
Head back to the crib like it ain't shit I blaze a blunt of hay
Comin' through your neighborhood
Scopin' out your goody goods
If it something I want then drop it off let's get it understood
I'm gonna hit ya for your stash, make my getaway superfast
Mane you niggas comin' clean then drop it off ya fuckin' ass biatch!

[Chorus x4]

[Verse Two]
I'm jackin' these niggas heavy
I'm strictly out for the fetty (Money)
I'm trying to come up in life
That cheese I'm gonna get it, get it
I'm tired of weak bitches run
I'm tired of ho niggas stun
I'll take your ass to the bank
And make you withdrawn your money
My son gotta get some food
I'm out here pimp makin dues
I doing what I gotta do
To come up on fucking loot
I'd like the expensive thangs
Gold necklaces & Gold rings
I'll hit ya up for some dough
Whatever to make some change
La Chat, I'm a robber see
You niggas can't fuck with me
I keep me a mean disguise
I'll hit you while you'll while you asleep
That shit'll it be calling me, I try not to be like that
The cleaner you niggas come, the closer I keep my gat
I'm all about dollars bills, sometimes it will make me kill
Them bitches that I'm playin', I gotta show that I'm real
But soon I'll be ridin' clean, and wearing expensive stuff
I'll still be up on my mission 'cause dog I can't get enough

[Chorus x4]
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