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1st & 15th
9 Times Out Of Ten
A Crumb 2 A Brick
Ain't No Nigga
Baby Mama Drama
Bad Influence
Bass B**ch
Betta Have My Money
Call Me
Chat Line
Dear Nina
Don't Know Sh**
Don't Sang It
Drop It Off
Get Doe
Ghetto Ballin'
I Don't Trust Dem Boys
Intro (Self Made)
It Feel Good
Luv 2 Get High
Nigga Comin' Clean
Pass Da Dro
Peanut Butter
Play That Chat (Skit)
Real Love Song
Round & Round
Run Into Dat Bi***
Salt Shakers
Skittles (Pop A Pill)
Slob On My Cat
Smoke Junt
Smoke Witcha
Still Getting My Clit Licked
Tell Me Anythang
Tell Me Anything
U Claimin' You're Real
U Don't Want None
Use What You Got
What Ever
What Kinda Bitch Do You Want
Whateva, Whateva
Where Was U?
Wolf Pack
Yeah I Rob
Yeah, I Rob
You Ain't Mad Iz Ya