Ballad Of Jayne Testo

Testo Ballad Of Jayne

The Ballad of Jayne

She was always something special
Diamond shining bright in the rain
Everybody dreams of angels
No one will ever know, how much I loved ya so

Now it all seems funny, kinda like a dream
Things ain't always what they seem
What a shame... what happened to Jayne

You were always on my mind
Childlike summer days in the sun
Slowly wishes turn to sadness
Time don't heal a broken gun
I wish I'd never let you go
Hear me now, cause I want you to know

Now she's breaking hearts in heaven
Shining bright, in the sky
I still hear her voice in the wind
I still think of you in the night
Oh yeah.....
Well I guess she'll never know
How much I need her so
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