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Jaulas Testo La Plebe

Jaulas Testo

Testo Jaulas

Robbie Williams di nuovo padre, video in diretta dalla sala parto
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En mi barrio las familias
Están viviendo con temor
Ya no pueden contar con el sistema
Para aliviar su desesperación
Como puedes alzar tú vos
Si el gobierno te va deportar
Miedo de ser detenidos
Invadido en la noche
Asustado de este gobierno

Jaulas de la democracia

Take away their names
And put a number in their place
Then shoved into a cell
To make the public feel safe
Locked away because the color of your skin
Afraid to fight the system
'Cause they tell you you won't win
Racist fucking pigs that control this democracy
Don't care about the damage to working class families
Migrant workers face incarceration
And the mentally ill don't get rehabilitation

Jaulas de la democracia
Guardan esclavos del sistema

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