A Devil In God´s Country Testo

Testo A Devil In God´s Country

Down south soldier Third world soldier My vengeance will be swift and terrible Many will die. I am the distance between two points Forgotten. A Void. I dig holes brother. Well, I've got a bone to pick And a nerve to pluck A skin to get under And a home to wreck. I've got ends to meet So I've got a job to do. Acrimonious and sanctified Call me what you will. Stick to your guns The difference is mine are loaded. Taste the sting of your arrogance Stuck in this screeching bitch called life Drop the coins and send you to Charon. I will have my vengeance In this life or the next. Well, I've got a sucker to punch And a back to stab A head to kick in And a throat to toslit. I've got a job to do Harsh and unrepentant. Step back before you're the next to get served With some Southern hospitality.

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