Fear Testo

Testo Fear

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I am far from what I\'ve been
A new world for me to see
All precious things that I have seen
Look simple and so small to me

All banners waved are set aflame
As mountains rise in front me
No mercy and no one to blame
For the darkness I wil see

With every aspect of my soul
I am longing for relief
From this darkest certainty
I wish I could believe

Every second i seek answers
To the question that has none
That has to remain unanswered
Until we are gone

With every hour that i spend
On exploring this terrain
Fear is growing, ever onward
How long can I stand this pain ?

If there will be something
It would be fine for me to go
And if there will be \"nothing\"
Will I ever know ?

That there will be something
After bodies cease to be
Fear that there could be nothing
Is paralysing me
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