Into Thy Gentle Embrace Testo

Testo Into Thy Gentle Embrace

Inserito il 13 Ottobre 2011
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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From the steel torn world - an Abyss of hateFrom the world outside - where hate rules the mindFrom walls of intolerance - live on the surfacesOf feelings untold - where tears have no shapeInto thy gentle embraceWhich guards meMy last resortIn my darkest hourFrom masks people wear - to save themFall and scar them - from their life's short timeFrom swallowed pain kept insideNeeds to be released and diesFrom nights darker than black - inflicted by my mindI am blind - sorrow I bearFrom bright colours that hide the liesFrom the bold odours - as time flies

Scarica la suoneria di Into Thy Gentle Embrace!
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