Never Again Testo

Testo Never Again

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A tyranny of ignorance
Shatterd all our pride
A curse that is still present
While the swords are laid aside

The masses cheer and gather
As the false prophets speak
Of a new order, a new way
To all those who changes seek

Never again shall we be ruled
By the demons of our past
Never again shall we be conquered
By the shadows that still last

Have they learned nothing
From our country's history
Why don't they understand
That they won't be free

If they summon demons
Who will bring them misery
Are they marching into war
Or are they just to blind to see

But why are we held responsible
For the crimes our fathers have commited?
Why are we the ones who are to blame?
Why do we have to bear the shame
For what they have done, at the dawning of the sun?
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