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Testo No Trust

Muore mentre torna dal concerto, Ligabue: "Ti abbraccio, ovunque tu sia"
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Every word you say

Every hour you spend

Feeds the dagger

In the traitor's hand

Everyone you trust

Everyone you believe in

Will be your enemy

Life's a game you cannot win

No trust, no trust

In this world of lies

No trust, no trust

The devil in disguise

But even with this knowledge

We keep on searching

For someone to trust in

For someone to believe in

We are liars to ourselves

Even oneself deserves no trust

We seek and seek, find empty shells

And are backstabbed instantly

No hope for someone who can hide your secrets

No hope for someone to release your pain

No hope for someone who cares for you

No hope, no hope, no trust, no trust

Scarica la suoneria di No Trust!
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