Place Of Refuge Testo

Testo Place Of Refuge

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Built on wooden stakes of sorrow
By masoners of hatred risen
Out of an unseen tomorrow
I find my place of refuge

My place of refuge...
no room for you to search
My place of refuge...
that lies within my soul
My place of refuge...
from the world that threaten me
My place of refuge...
until the final bells do toll

Doors connect each separate chamber
Each that bears a different pain
Made of diamonds and of amber
Of the love I found at last

Your warning words were clear
I didn't want to listen
I broke into your place of refuge
And left it torn apart
So you could never return
To your hideaway

Welcome to my dominion
A place where twilight reigns
Deep within my fertile soul
Built on lives left stains
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