The Truth Or Just Another Lie? Testo

Testo The Truth Or Just Another Lie?

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
My hands tremble as I turn the key And all my thoughts unknown to me Make sense, are forming suddenly To call forth my will to make me free After spending all those dreadful days How can I stand the look of your face Your smell, your voice, your velvet skin Where does relief end and pain begin? No more question who's to blame It will always stay the same Without pain I speak your name And I can look into your eyes again And then you stand there proud and tall And suddenly disguises fall Your smell, your voice, your gentle face And I fall into your embrace But it is different to me Long gone the gentle harmony No more love and no more hate Just new ways to seal our fate Your words they all make sense to me So I open up my eyes and see What happened in the years that passed And why it ended how it did at last

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