Will You Testo

Testo Will You

Like a vast landscape
My soul lies open
Is it the fear Is it your voice
That truned me mute

Cries unheard
For a time to long
Is it the pain, is it your beauty
That made me blind

Will you ever desire me ?
Will You ever take me in your arms ?
Will you ever desire me ?
Will you ever feel the same I do ?

Although you're so near to me
You're still so far away
Although I know you for such a long time
I've never met you before

My lips they'll be sealed
Until I lay down into my grave
Then the time, It has now come
Where I do you no longer crave

And then will you stand by my tomb
Perhaps the only one who will
I wish that you spell out my name
When death has come my soul to tame
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