Skunx Testo

Testo Skunx

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
In '82 I was the young one in the bunch
Initation started and ended with a punch
As I got older I got scars to prove my worth
More times than others I fell face first in the dirt
Wo ho ho can't you see, you'll never take the gang out on me.
Montana pack of wolves
I was nosed up to the front
I preyed on the weekend soldiers who couldn't take the hunt
Like Julius Caesar waited for the knife stuck in his back
I stood so proud and tall and I won't go out like that.
Wo ho ho can't you see -- you'll never take the gang out on me.
Well all the kings before I cut down with my axe
I stoop atop this world alone without a scratch
With another victory I basked right under the sun
My war was over but a new one has begun
Wo ho ho can't you see -- you'll never take the gang out on me!
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