Most Unclean Testo

Testo Most Unclean

[the continued story from Starving Your Apathy]

Yeah those were the days, but I've changed my ways since then, I have found faith
But you, you're all the same, all dripping wet with sin...
I watch you sleep, you seem at peace, you're pretty lips are even smilin'
Why does the fact that you're a whore hurt me more than it hurts you?
This is going to hurt us both but we'll be closer because of what we've gone through
You're just like that original bitch, what could one little apple hurt, right?
Keep talking, with every step your just walking towards the light.
What exactly got into you're fucking head to make you expect a fair deal 'cause it's a lie
The only god-given birth right you have is your right to fucking die,
Of course this existence follows a grand design,
But what makes you think He owes you any answers?
This world owes you nothing bitch!
He gave you life, gave you flesh and gave you the freewill to fuck it up as you wish
I've bled for your sins, now it's time for you to bleed from mine...'s time for you to get your first taste of the divine
The backlash from the snapping of you're neck almost sprained my wrist
Where are your smart ass comebacks now? One day this world will be clean
Look at you, regurgitating bile on yourself, you even fail at vomiting
Tainted from birth because you're parents felt they we're above an immaculate conception
Couldn't your whore of a mom do it the old fashioned way;
Getting impregnated by a fucked up angel with a virgin fetish?
You dumb slut you damned us all,
Couldn't you keep your legs together to save us form the hell of your gaping cunt?
I know the blood is on my hands, but I'm not the one to blame anymore
I'm just doing God's work... it ain't my fault the good Lord hates whores
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