Facing That Void Testo

Testo Facing That Void

(feat. General Electrics & Rv Salters)

Problems of addiction, for some can be different, different people
But for Joline, lemme break it down like this

See it started when she was an only kid
4 5 6 when she noticed it
That look of surprise up in her momma's iris
When she smiled wide-eyed as that fire hit
And the way that it fed all the tiredness
Right after it starved all the wiredness
And the crazy shit that jumped off and issues that jumped up
When Joline lighted it
And the way she always was hiding it
To herself and others, denying it
Even after the doctors had told her to stop
Cuz it was robbing her soul and she'd die from it
But she cursed them all in their holiness
Called 'em frauds, practicing phoniness
So she'd lay in her bed, smoke filling her head
Curled up with her little ball of loneliness
Even tried to pick something new to get
Something that's a little less self-destructivish
When she felt the seed of that need her mind got greedy
She gave in and nourished it
Told herself that she loved all the flourishes
And the people around her encouraged it
So what the heck another one to the neck
And got more depressed losing control of it

Facing that void [x2]

Joline's usage got rampant and out of control
The fix hit was worth all the money and gold
The anesthetic for her problems and a singular dose
And without it she was doubting she would ever be whole
The amount she used to take would just make her feel cold
Wasn't enough now, what she needed was MORE
It had been a long time since she'd gotten some clothes
And the drain on her pocketbook was starting to show
And her eyes in her sockets they were starting to bulge
All the muscle tone gone, just skin and bones
And she'd talk about the same old rigamarole
At any given time break out shaking and jonesin'
Strange stories about her begin to be told
About what she would do if she wanted the dough
Even her friends said she's at an all-time low
Lost her job, her dog, then lost her home
Last time that I seen her she was all alone
So high that I thought she could probably have flown
She recited some weird strange haunting poem
then laughed at a joke that was solely her own
I had to walk away and leave that girlie alone
Cuz I knew her type that same zombie clone
Hope she finds what she's looking for
And fills that void before her mind is gone

Facing that void [x2]
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