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Testo Freestyle

I gotta say that it's a pleasure now to be with you and greet you
Me and D would like to welcome you to our mixtape
We got some things for you the old and new Latyrx to Maroons
And everything that's in between that we can fit on the plate
We got obscurer tunes and twists, remixes
Singles that were spine-tingling but limited in release
For those that's late into the game and just came in and have a seat
We gonna fill in all the blanks up to Lateef and The Chief
New Maroons shit
Let me give a shot out to those with whom without
It wouldn't be possible to do this
Most collaborations on the tunes which led to this musical movement
Now let me run it down the line
We got Talib Kweli and Chali 2NA from crew J5
Soul stylings from Keke Wyatt
We got Bink, El-P of Company Flow
Tajai and Phesto from the crew Hiero, Souls of Mischief
Of course we got my folks Blackalicious in the house
Chief Xcel and Gift of Gab spittin'
My man Lyrics Born with the voice that sounds tinted
And DJ Shadow who makes the tracks hittin'
And my man Vursatyl, big shout to the Lifesavas movement
No doubt we get wild and higher
Got a little rare joint featuring Latyrx done by the Herbaliser
Got my man Herve's fire
Sure to get the party jumping like a live wire 'til ya'll retire so
The last shout's to my homegirl Joyo exercising our Quannum control
She's the picture perfect example
Of the soul reflected in the song coming up next and the song goes
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