White Girl Testo

Testo White Girl

[Intro/Chorus: LTC]
White girl, white girl
Tell me that you need me - white girl, white girl
Tell me that you want me - white girl, white girl
Will you be my white, girl [echoes]

I'm lookin for my Snow White
I haven't seen her since last night
I bet my girl took her, she gonna pay, that little hooker
She's so jealous of my white girl
A hundred percent pure, white girl
I can't forget the first day I met her
When I seen her, I knew I'd get her
She makes brains so tight, keeps my dick hard all night
I take her everywhere I go
I taste her, before every show
I'm so hooked, my mouth so numb
I don't wanna quit her, I gotta get some


She, goes, straight to my heart
Absolute I gotta play the part
We laugh together, smile together
I want to be with her forever
And when I'm down, she lifts me up
I'm in a chase, I can't give up, if I catch a case
I might never get, to see her face
So I stay close to my Benjamins (yup)
And be real to her friends
And that's real talk, you're listenin to the realest
Do you feel me?
Spoken like a real G


She makes me feel, so good
Straight up out the hood, the girl's got heart
And plays the part
She makes me rich, and leaves men poor
She's my baby yup my amore
The way she blows, in the wind and away she goes
Keepin a nigga, on his toes
Turnin friends, into foes
And that's just how the story goes
My white girl is a hundred percent
I pimp her to you for a small percent
And I bet, that you'll come back
With some more and then more and then more
And then more ends
Tryin to get, to her and her friends
Once you see her, you got to meet her
She's my, main senorita


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