Mission Testo

Testo Mission

Waiting for a Mission

Everyday I stay in this room,
I feel the walls close in and slowly entomb
my Soul between scenes of a bizarre film noir
An endless comedy of terrors, n'est pas
Everybody gets everything that they wanted
I wanted a Mission and I wasn't disappointed
This is merely the soundtrack of that condition
Waiting for a Mission
Back at the flat I log on and I face
Junk mail and crap,on my screen, I tap erase
And retrace my steps to the bar for a beer
That turns into a night I don't remember don't care
How I got home or to the hotel cell
TIt's a chamber where I'm sent to dwell
Between tours to the peak condition
Waiting for a Mission

Do I have to dumb down my delivery and sound
Surrounded by some clowns inevitably found
Drowned in blingbling and ignorant thinking
no wonder I pick a beer, started drinking
In a sinking sphere of hopeless ideas
Bring on the engineer
To come and build the will to fulfill my vision
Waiting for a Mission
Street truck reverses, hear the beep beep
Does it remind you of the tourbus where I sleep
Smell the diesel and something more
The hiss of hydrolics door as I party hardcore
Before my bunk becomes a bed as the bus does ninety plus
Back home, I can't adjust
Between scenes, a mean condition
Waiting for a Mission.

Collect the file, check the style set the dial, for the trial
load the lyrices, sweat a while
life of lyrics , lyrics for life
Too old to change or rearrange my harddrive
So much for live long and prosper
I stick to living it live and surviving on the roster
Keep it real and raw however poor, toujour
Got what I asked for and coudn't ask for more

Next ticket, next train or on the plane again
There come a stream of gigs can drive some of the others insane
Heard your name on a track way way back whats the fact?
You buckled and fucked but me I never cracked
They said they lead but when all said and done son
I recall the rhyme before their time begun
Ya styles be stolen, the flyboys rode in
and steat whats real I feel 'em downloading
Corroding the values of a real MC
Come upon the microphone but you don't battle with me
But don't digress from the facts of the matter
Most of the crews in all dues, aint never seen a real rapper.
Alotta time on the tourbus
Mama, got playstation so mama don't fuss
Too late to debate the state of my condition
Waiting for a Mission
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