Supabreakin' Testo

Testo Supabreakin'

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back.
It's our pleasure....

Unofficial. Stripped of a commission.
We're on our own with no precondition
Stole a boat to float up river
Just to prove Le Peuple de l'Herbe deliver
Lost all contact, off the contract
Deep in the jungle keeping it compact
One man down, 'n' a new sound replace...
That'll account for the brand new bass
Keep it lean, mean keep it keen
Another guide shows up and show us a new scene
Out of context Out of range,
We return just a little bit strange
Been so far upstream and drifted back
Everyone blacked out, and our engines on slack
With a whole stack of text that none understand
Save for you, me, and the band

Retro Electro, Ancient verse
We immerse
Retro Electro
Retro Electro Ancient verse
We immerse
Retro Electro

All the training and all the tricks
Till we're back in the bunker Le Mechant re-equips
Each mix for the trips our ship to partake in
Le Peuple De L'Herbe, Mr Nice Ice breaking
Vessel of vocals. Now you're back on board
Another adventure, from the brothers abroad
No certificate, all licence lost
Under the wire, under fire and we escape at all cost
Feel the frost of the frozen farm
Exit from the beat to keep it from harm
Alarm alerted, plans diverted
Industry perverted we've been averted
The Original Mission, condition is Red
Too old to fold and too far ahead
No tower of Babylon 'cause our crew ain't babbling on
Just building bridges for the brothers to travel on
Tourbus vibrates, wives await
As Girlfriends debate about a final date
Pack up the mic within the old kit bag
Dig deep into the deepest rags
Drag my beats across another eon
A rendez-vous London Town thru to Lyon
The tourbus awaits in the Alpine cave
For the next tour dates as the drivers rave
In cages to keep 'em all calm and cool
Ready for for Le Peuple de l'Herbe kick outta school!
Rumors bloom as Le Peuple exhume
Ancient breaks from the Lyonnaise catacomb
It's a theme we've all already heard before
Of which no doubt we go hear much more
And That's it, about all we share
It's retro electro hell yeah

Retro Electro, Ancient verse
We immerse
Retro Electro
Retro Electro Ancient verse
We immerse
Retro Electro

One slice Nice, two slice too much !
Whoops, now you're tripping where's
the motherfucking clutch?
Ya nibble nuggets of things you don't know
Le Peuple gettin' blamed for places you shouldn't go?
Now you know who the fuck we are
Now shut the fuck up, get in, drive the car
Douaniers hassle our true believers
Another Checkpoint Charlie to stop, deceivers!
Customs slow the flow unto the show
At a festival to foil the fans that we know so!
Flow below the radar and then slip
Like the dogs of war on a brand new trip
Grip the wheel and cold feel feel the force
Inside y'find it's the last resource
But its all down to tricks
Back in the bunker Le Méchant re-equips
retro electro ancient verse
So underground we escape this curse
Save for you me and the band
Now back by live demand...
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