Wonderful Tonight Testo

Testo Wonderful Tonight

It´s late in the evening She´s wondering, what clothes to wear She puts on her make-up And brushes her long, blond hair And then she asks me: "Do I look alright?" And I say: "Yes, You look wonderful tonight" We go to a party And everyone turns to see This beautiful lady That´s walking around with me And then she asks me: "Do you feel alright?" And I say: "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight" I feel wonderful Because I see the lovelight in your eyes And the wonder of it all Is that you just don't realize how much I love You It's time to go home now (Yes, it is) And I've got an aching head So I give her the car keys And she helps me into bed And then I tell her As I turn off the light. I say: "My darling you were wonderful tonight" "Oh,my darling you were wonderful tonight"

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