Elegy Testo

Testo Elegy

A fingers length away
so close to feel your breath
only nothing came of this but one solemn song
a fire gone
a doused intrepid flame
a prayer to hold the hand of death
so hearts may beat again
and then our sliver/ a glimmer of hope
is dashed to bits upon the reef
so sinks our love in like a ship
to sleep forever 'neath a
sea; once so loving
(though save for the waves)
a clean december snow
(oh, december!)

a tacit set of changes
albeit terms were never met
a wasteful bit of spending left us broken
the worse for mending
no bandages can dress
a wound we've sullied up ourselves
in a land of golden chances
we're committed souls to hell
with a thousand different blades
we've bloodied thick and fell our trust
this elegy for those offended
brings me close to nothing but
(you're mine to forget)
(for respite I'm starving)
but by all rights mine to own
(I bid you, heart, let GO!)

The waves may be crashing above
but I'm not a slave to the depths
there's strength to overcome
be washed of all our sins
feel clean then once again
forgive our hearts and...
oh, december
oh, december
oh, december cold

your effigy wont shake my faith
in ripened plums or choices made
that lockered beast wont rear its head again

with all strength I pulled my weight
and put my plum before the sea
duty's duty lest I'm arrogant
he commands the breath in me
oh, hopeless december
(free embers be smoldered)
sleep well now, my dear
(for depths I have no FEAR!)

though fires may still burn high above
my love wont be scuttled for vests
or fears of what's to come
dear life for what's been made
whose ten I will defend
'til death comes calling
oh, december
oh, december
oh, december
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