Gut Check Personality (Song For Sarah) Testo

Testo Gut Check Personality (Song For Sarah)

With a pleasant smile, so goes the ghost
of larks that I lack guilt in.
your bated breath has taken all my faith.

a gentle touch (too close to call)
but you call every night.
a tenor fraught with lies
that I've learned to give in kind.
to kill a hope of hopes
without a bow shot fired
calls to question everything you are
and every way we speak of you.
I hope you know
a sinking ship can still catch fire.
as gut-checks come across
I hope this douses you.

Say you will!
Say you will!
Say you will.

with the wind to our backs
speeding us forward
to turn to stop half way to the border
seems so moonstruck to me.
(so moonstruck to me)

so what was unwanted?
what way was it hurting?
just give me the power,
I'll show you're deserving!
with only half a chance...
we've got chemistry
we've got everything, but

bit by bit we've lost our ground now.

you'd take it now though you can't really have it.
would you've had it then it would've come so automatic.
we've walked around this a thousand times.
make up your mind 'cause I've made up mine.
when pass came to pass (when it was you) you didn't mind it.
now the past is gone and now you wanna fight it.
no matter the cost I was ready to spend it,
but I just can't handle another chanced gambit.

say you will!
say you will!
dear, Sarah
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