Synonym For Apology Testo

Testo Synonym For Apology

Is it everything you wanted?
is it everything that you wished for?
black eyed, fat lipped and sick for..
red, right handed
your animus left hides out of view
lurid desire breeds hate for

a soft hearted soul with all good intent
mistakes were made just the same
though made again and again

a guilty verdict
how best to word this...

no passion lacking
sweetheart(less) past be true
we're still to blame for what we..
perpetual victim
though wolf be cried before. this time it's true
it's easy to wish for what we want

but at the same time it's so easy to feign
that what we get is the same
as what we wished in a dream

a chance encounter brought us closer this time
but time took time like I've said
and I deserve all the red

this horrid version
of an admission of my guilt will have to do

will have to do

we gave and gave and never took. that's a lie
we both took all that we could
and ruined everything we
thought we had when what we had wasn't good
by all means we should...
by all means we should...

(by all means we should) regret

an admission of my guilt will have to do
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