Within An Island, With... Testo

Testo Within An Island, With...

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My future depends on this throwback rhythm
my past depends on me
telling tall tales of living what i've yet to live
and what i'll never see

i can pace the ground forever
but my head is six feet under
meaningless words with heartfelt punctuation
the untold story of this burial's plot
...performed at breakneck speed

i stay close to like minded minds
with a distaste for themselves
and a lust for loose ends
because we're always leaving something undone
while someone is always leaving our homes alone

let's hope confidence never rears it's ugly face
our heads are already swollen
our hands are already full
we're moved by cocksure swaggers
and we're oh so sure of our cocks
i would shout this to my echo
but that would ruin the surprise
so the stage is taken with a skeptic's step
i'm knee deep in open eyes
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