Pretty Girl Testo

Testo Pretty Girl

You can run away, and you can hide
No one cares what you do tonight
You can take a photograph, you can steal a scene
The cast: an imitation doll of wax and me
Blue eyes, tired cliche
You spread your legs just for a name
Candlesticks and new guitars, a canopy of sound
Forgotten places that we found
Starlight summer cinema, a red dress for tonight
Red wine and out I go before I get to try
Blue eyes, fall from day I sweat your name across my face

Headline says you are a pretty girl
It must be true...they all love you
You're so original, you're so clever
you're a pretty girl, oh yeah, you're a pretty girl
Rich man says you are a pretty girl
Plain plane girl, cheap poetry girl
You're so unique, a rising star
You're so much better than we are
You are so wild and you've got friends and you've got style
Cause you're a pretty girl, yeah, you're a pretty girl
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