Anyhow Testo

Testo Anyhow

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse

You know it really is a pity, the way you treat me now;
I know you can't forgive me but forgive me, anyhow.
The ending got so ugly, I even heard you say,
"You never ever loved me but could you love me anyway?"
I dreamed about you, baby, you were wearin' half your dress
I know you have to hate me but could you hate me less?
I've used up all my chances and you'll never take me back
But there ain't no harm in askin', "Could you cut me one more slice?"

I'm naked and I'm filthy and there's sweat upon my brow
And both of us are guilty, anyhow.
Have mercy on me, baby. After all, I did confess,
Even though you have to hate me, could you hate me less?

It's a shame and it's a pity
I know you can forgive me
The ending got so ugly
You never ever loved me
Dreamed about you, baby
I know you have to hate me
I'm naked and I'm filthy
Both of us are guilty
Have mercy on me, baby.
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