Came So Far For Beauty Testo

Testo Came So Far For Beauty

I came so far for beauty leftso much behindMy patience and my familyMy masterpiece unsignedI thought I'd be rewardedFor such a lonely choiceAnd surely she would answerTo such a very hopeless voiceI practiced all my sainthoodI gave to one and allBut the rumours of my virtueThey moved her not at allI changed my style to silverI changed my clothed to blackAnd where I would surrenderNow I would attack I stormed the old casinoFor the money and the flesh And I myself decidedWhat was rotten and what was freshAnd men to do my biddingAnd broken bones to teachThe value of my pardonThe shadow of my reachBut no, I could not touch herWith such a heavy handHer star beyond my orderHer nakedness unmannedI came so far for beautyI left so much behindMy patience and my familyMy masterpiece unsigned

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