Song Of Bernadette Testo

Testo Song Of Bernadette

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
There was a child named Bernadette I heard the story long ago She saw the Queen of Heaven once And kept the vision in her soul No one believed what she had seen No one believed what she heard That there were sorrows to be healed And mercy, mercy in this world So many hearts I find Broke like yours and mine Torn by what we've done and can't undo I just want to hold you Won't you let me hold you Like Bernadette would do We've been, we fall, we fly We mostly fall, we moostly run And every now and then we try To mend the damage that we've done Tonight, tonight I cannot rest I've got this joy inside my breast To think that I did not forget That child, that song of Bernadette So many hearts I find ...

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