Sandcastle Testo

Testo Sandcastle

I'm throwing rocks at a glass house and building castles out of sand
I bit off more than I can chew but it's you I'm always after
I'm digging up a shallow grave and picking you out the flowers
I'm not good enough for this but I'm attracted to disaster

What happens to us when the glass breaks into pieces?
Our bloody wounds will keep us slipping from each other
The Sunday storm will blow the sand into the ocean
But our regrets will keep us anchored to the floor

I tried to paint a broken house and build the castles out of dirt
I took on more than I could cure but it's you I'm always after
I tried to read between the lines and buy books about somebody else
I'm not good enough for this

Sending messages to outer space
Without a final destination
The high tide is closing in
Coming to wash it all away
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