Touchdown Story Testo

Testo Touchdown Story

Wait a minute let me ask you a question or two
Do you mind if I sit here can I buy you a drink?
If your response is a yes I'm guessing you are alone
Not implying that it wasn't your choice, but...

You're the kind of girl I could get into
Didn't mean it in that way but you know you're cute
Your look is captivating the way you use those eyes
I'm not rushing these things but will you sing along

I'm so fickle I'm stuck in this pickle
And I'm always searching for the perfect touchdown story
But the glory's too good and never good enough
I guess that's why they that life is pretty rough

I'll be the first to admit that I'll say anything
Just to see if you're listening just to see if you're easy
If you're like all the rest I guess I'll stop right now
I'll go back to thinking, thinking of something

In this moment put down your pepper spray
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