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Testo Easy

I don't know why they say that love takes so much work.
Claim its a losing game that's gonna get you hurt.
Might be that way for most. I really wouldn't know.

'Cause you make it easy, easy for me. Don't even have to try to, love you. It just comes naturally. And maybe they're right. Maybe it's true. Love can be hard sometimes but you make it easy.
You're laugh your look your kiss your hands under my shirt.
The way you read my mind when I can't find the words.
I want to spend the rest of my life counting the reasons why

So what if their right, so what if it's true. It don't really matter much 'cause you know just what to say, know just what to do. Love can be hard sometimes but you make it easy.

Oh, so easy. You make it easy. Oh, so easy.
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