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Testo Keep Remembering

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Keep remembering, keep remembering,
Keep remembering, keep remembering,
Keep remembering, keep remembering,
Keep remembering, keep remembering
Down town, middle of the afternoon
Sweet sounds everybody is on the move
but it really don't, feel like home
I know that some things happen but I don't seem to fit my shoes ?
home town, its always been a part of me
I know now it don't take much to darken it
Its a difference, of opinion
But it might as well be Mars to me when I got the blues

Someone I know, told me yesterday
That you never, coming back to me
Well you never know, what the others say
At another time, in another place

Well well what's the use in crying
Its the way of the world and u know you've got the chance to change
And the brilliant thing is there's a million things
That you know are always gonna help u take your mind off it
I found out that I lost a part of me
Its better now, though this things been hard for me
Though the day has come, I should be moving on
That's the only way to go and pick it up and start again

Honey I know, that its not the end of the world
But it hurts to say, when you let go
Honey I don't know, keep remembering, don't just forget
Keep remembering, and don't forget

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