I Hate Myself Testo

Testo I Hate Myself

Oooh oooh oooh ooh

[VERSE 1:]
What would you think
I told ya that I am,
The perfect person that you always make me out to be
I don't wanna scare you
But I can't wait no more, I gotta tell you
I'm a kiss you before I speak
Here it goes baby my story
Remeber the last time
That I went away to handle my business
I was missin you, and I couldn't sleep so
I went out to clear my mind
Met a old girlfriend I knew
Had a couple of drinks that you know
Broke upt o her in my room
I've been in a mess ever since you(right now)

There is no way you can hate me,
More than I hate myself
Can I let you down when you were there
The one who was always there for me
The one who counted on me
This time there is no way makin out to you
But baby,
Don't we owe ourselves another chance
It's only right before we start over again,
With someone else
I wish you could see right now
That you can't hate me more than I hate myself

[VERSE 2:]
Can't blame you
If you wanna smack me in my face
If you call your other brother,
Or sendin our father knockin at my door
And there is really no excuse
All I wanan do is,
Tell you the truth
So we can proceed
How really I don't want you to leave
Remember the good times if you went away
All I'm really missin
Baby I can't let you go
I rather die,
Or can't live it no more
Quikin up to you
And havin a couple of drinks (close the door)
If I'm gonna kill it though
I'm a mess what can I do (do)


If I could press rewind
Go back
To the very same space and time
I would, I'll never make a mistake ever again
Oh baby, I can't et you go
It's promised to be is from (from now on) not worth
I'm realing back your trust
Baby hopefully you'll say that you'll stay
I know we'll make I through
I hope I'm a miracle
(I'm sorry, right now I need you to forgive me)

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