In Another Life Testo

Testo In Another Life

oohh oohh
oohh ooohhh

I hope you miss your train
And it suddenly starts to rain
Cause'that would mean
You and me have to be trapped
In the same place

Delayed for another day
It'd by me time and nerve
To say
"Halo" and "What's your name?"

Find out what your sign
Say Gemini cause I'm
matched with one
That's when she kissed some guy
As they took off in his flight

Someone has your heart
It's over before it startes
Hopefully we'll meet again
Maybe someday in Mars
Year 3012
First kiss be on the Moon
Maybe we're on the wrong planet
In song you'll be mine
Maybe in another life
oohh oohh
Maybe in another life
oohh oohh
Maybe in another life

Walked in to a cafe
It gotta be my lucky day
The only seat left is next to
Two pretty girls hip hip hurray
It's like a parade's going on

One time my heart strings
The other playin' a drum
But all they singin' the same song

She stand out of a friend
Looked at me like an alien
We're sorry to say but
We don't swing that way


When the stars are aligned
And your heart's on the market
You'll find your way
back in my arms,baby
We're just in the wrong bodies
Next life we will be
birds and fly
And you'll belong
To me...

Belooong to me..
Year 3012
First kiss be on the Moon
On the Moon...

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